Short Description

Henko is rooted in the belief that caring for clothes extends beyond mere stain removal. Henko is dedicated to preserving the vibrancy and youthful appearance of your clothes. With superior technology, Henko not only combats tough stains effectively but also safeguards the colours, ensuring your clothes stay the same wash after wash. Henko empowers you to embrace life's experiences, knowing that your clothes are in the hands of a brand committed to both caring and efficiency.

Environmental and Social Parameters Relevant to the Product

The brand's tagline, ‘Not just Wash, Care,’ conveys a promise of complete care for your clothes. Over the years, Henko Stain Care (HSC) has established itself as more than just a laundry detergent, i.e a caretaker of clothes. Henko Stain Care’s current TV commercial that highlights not just the product efficacy, but also showcases a positive, caring side of the brand by caring for the underprivileged children in an orphanage.


This powerful message reflects the brand's dedication to making a positive difference in the society. Furthermore, the innovative use of Bio-Stain Power in the HSC Powder showcases the incorporation of biologically-engineered enzymes for enhanced stain removal.


Safe and Responsible Usage

The Henko Stain Care Powder packaging prioritises the safe and responsible use of the product. The packaging provides clear instructions for users to keep the product away from children and ensure it is not ingested. In the event of accidental ingestion, the packaging advises seeking medical advice. By emphasising the significance of proper usage and secure storage, Henko promotes safe product usage for accident prevention.


Recycling and safe disposal

The commitment to sustainability is further displayed by HSC Powder's packaging, which features messages advocating responsible disposal. The packaging prominently displays a ‘Do not litter’ reminder, encouraging consumers to discard it thoughtfully and responsibly. Additionally, the recycling symbol serves as a visual cue, promoting the safe recycling of packaging materials. By incorporating these elements into its packaging design, Henko reinforces the importance of being environment-friendly and encourages customers to participate in eco-friendly practices.


Environmental and Social Parameters Relevant to the Product

The Henko Stain Care Bar, with its Stain Busters technology, offers effective stain removal. One notable eco-friendly aspect is that due to its superior formulation, the bar lasts longer than others, resulting in less frequent replacement. Furthermore, by reducing the effort needed for stain removal, the product indirectly encourages water conservation.


Safe and Responsible Usage

The product packaging of Henko Stain Care Bar promotes the crucial message of water conservation by simply stating ‘Save Water’ on the packaging. This encourages users to be mindful of their water usage during laundry. By emphasising this aspect, Henko advocates for responsible consumer behaviour, fostering awareness of water scarcity and the need for conservation.


Recycling and Safe Disposal

The Henko Stain Care Bar packaging prominently features a ‘Do not litter’ reminder, urging consumers to responsibly dispose of the packaging after use. Additionally, the inclusion of the recycle symbol serves as a visual cue, promoting the recycling of the package. By integrating these reminders into its packaging design, Henko continues to highlight its commitment to environmental sustainability and encourages consumers to play an active role in reducing waste.


Environmental and Social Parameters Relevant to the Product

Henko Matic Powder introduces the Lintelligent Nano-Fibre Lock technology, a noteworthy innovation that offers benefits beyond mere cleaning. This technology prevents fibre breakage, extending the lifespan of clothes and reducing the need for frequent replacements. By contributing to the longevity of garments, Henko Matic Powder aligns with sustainable practices and consumer values. The adoption of this technology is a testament to the brand's commitment to providing solutions that enhance both clothing quality and environmental responsibility.


Safe and Responsible Usage

Henko Matic Powder packaging takes a proactive approach to safe and responsible usage. By advising users to ensure the removal of sharp and hard objects from pockets before loading their clothes into the machine, the brand promotes machine longevity by avoiding any potential damage. Additionally, the guidance to wash coloured clothes separately helps prevent fading and accidental damage. Encouraging consumers to refer to clothing labels for special washing instructions ensures that garments are treated appropriately, further extending their lifespan and indirectly minimising environmental impact.


Recycling and Safe Disposal

The Henko Matic Powder packaging incorporates essential information regarding recycling and safe disposal. The packaging prominently features a ‘Do not litter’ reminder, urging consumers to dispose of the packaging responsibly after use. Furthermore, the inclusion of the recycle symbol serves as a visual prompt for recycling the package. By emphasising these aspects, Henko demonstrates its dedication to promoting eco-friendly practices and minimising waste generation.


Environmental and Social Parameters Relevant to the Product

The Lintelligent Nano-Fibre Lock technology of Henko Matic Liquid, prevents clothes from fraying, thus ensuring their longevity through multiple washes. It offers 99.9% germ protection, thus prioritising both cleanliness and health. Henko Matic Liquid’s Bio-Stain Power feature has biologically-engineered enzymes for optimal stain removal, combining effectiveness with eco-friendliness. These features reflect our commitment to advanced solutions that extend clothing life, promote hygiene, and minimise environmental impact.


Safe and Responsible Usage

Henko Matic Liquid packaging ensures safe and responsible usage through clear instructions. You can begin by emptying the pouch contents into the Henko Matic Liquid 1L bottle. For a regular load, you can use 1.5 caps of the product, while a heavy load requires 2.5 caps; each cap equals 40ml. We prioritise safety with a reminder to keep the product away from children. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water. If accidentally consumed, seek medical advice promptly. These precautions underline our dedication to providing effective cleaning solutions while prioritising your well-being and safety.


Recycling and Safe Disposal

Henko Matic Liquid packaging also emphasises responsible disposal. We advocate against littering, urging to dispose of the packaging thoughtfully. The presence of the recycle symbol signifies our commitment to sustainability and encourages recycling efforts. By incorporating these messages, we aim to ensure that our packaging materials are disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner.