Exo Bar

  • Exo Dish Wash Bar is Anti-bacterial in nature and hence offers not just superior cleaning but also a hygienic one. Exo believes that utensils should not just be cleaned but sanitized as well, as unwashed utensils can become breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Antibacterial Exo has Goodness of Ginger and Power of ‘Cyclozan’ that helps to make it an extremely potent dishwashing solution.
  • Antibacterial Exo chose Ginger as its ingredient because of its known medicinal properties which prompted it to be used as home remedy for stomach ache, from time immemorial. 
  • Available in: Rs 5 (60g), Rs 10 (115g), Rs 10 BP (90g BP), 200g Bundle Pack and 300g

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Exo Dishwash Bar - Rectangles

Antibacterial efficacy in convenient to use Exo Rectangles.


Exo Dishwash Round

Benefit of Zero Wastage – No Corner Loses, No Bar breakages.


Exo Gel

Antibacterial efficacy with the Power of Bar and Shine of Liquid.


Exo Bactoscrub

Reduces Malodour by 99%


Exo Steel Scrubber

Made from 100% Stainless Steel

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