Environmental and Social Responsibility

Exo Family, Healthy Family

Utensils are important part of Kitchen Hygiene – Gut of a Healthy Household. Hence we believe that Sanitizing of utensils is not just a hygiene but a mandatory requirement for healthy family. It is a natural habit for consumers to leave the utensils unwashed in kitchen sink post cooking so that they can clean all the utensils including the serving plates in 1 go. However, what consumers don’t understand is that by the time they wash their utensils left in kitchen sink it will be a breeding ground of bacteria. Research shows that bacteria on
unwashed utensils in Kitchen sink grows by 700% in 19 minutes. Hence it requires Sanitization.

Exo being a pioneer in Antibacterial space believes that consumer should be educated about this bacterial menace and hence use an Antibacterial Dishwashing solution so that health of family is not compromised. This is what we have been propagating.

The risk of bacterial growth on unwashed utensils is there on the tiffin that kids return from school which are generally brought back unwashed. Since Exo believes in building a healthy nation, we believe that mothers who are guardians of health should be aware of this menace. Exo’s latest digital communication is on this regard.

Exo also educates consumers about Antibacterial menace in dishwash scrubber as well which can have more bacteria than that on a toilet seat. This being a product that comes in direct contact with utensils, results in spreading bacteria from one utensil to another. While educating consumer about the menace, Exo also offers consumers superior Antibacterial scrub pad – Exo Bacto Scrub, that prevents bacterial growth and hence reduces residual malodour on scrubber by 99%, so that they have a healthier alternative.

Niki Jeeva stands out as a unique addition to Jyothy Labs Limited's Personal Care lineup, presenting a specially formulated beauty soap collection. Among these, Niki Jeeva Rose captures the essence of rose water, leaving your skin irresistibly soft, supple, and radiantly flawless. The enduring fragrance further enhances your lasting beauty.

In response to the heightened emphasis on handwashing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Niki Jeeva takes a conscientious approach as a biodegradable soap. The pandemic underscored the significance of hygiene, but it's crucial to consider the environmental impact of our sanitation practices. This concern extends beyond the pandemic to our everyday activities, making the search for sustainable, eco-friendly options imperative.

Niki Jeeva biodegradable soaps distinguish themselves by having fewer chemical additives and synthetic elements. Consequently, they rapidly decompose, naturally breaking down without causing harm to the environment. Derived from natural fatty acids, Niki Jeeva Biodegradable Soap reduces surface tension and serves as an effective foaming agent.

By choosing Niki Jeeva biodegradable soaps, you contribute to minimizing your carbon footprint in a simple and impactful way. This not only benefits the environment but also promotes your overall health and well-being.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

The brand’s sustainable and environment-friendly practices ensure that no harm comes to our precious environment. This is achieved by supporting usage of neem that has been sustainably cultivated, which is not only beneficial in reducing our carbon footprint but is also aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Moreover, Margo’s range of soaps are formulated from natural fatty acids instead of chemical additives and synthetic components, making them biodegradable. This not only makes them better for the environment, but also great for your health and well-being.

Safe and Responsible Usage

Margo truly believes in delivering what it promises, an important part of which is being transparent about what goes in our soaps. Each Margo pack has a detailed list of all the ingredients used in each bar. Additionally, to encourage responsible behaviour when it comes to discarding the packaging, all Margo packs come with ‘Do not litter’ and ‘Recycle’ labels.

No Triclocarban (TCC):

TCC (3,4,4’-triclorocarbananilide) is an anti-bacterial agent that is particularly effective against Gram-positive bacteria and is commonly found in antibacterial soaps & other personal care products. It is also one of the nineteen antimicrobial ingredients banned for use in over-the-counter consumer wash products, due to insufficient evidence demonstrating their safety in long-term daily use.

Since Margo’s key ingredient - neem - is a natural antibacterial agent, we use none of the above compounds. This in turn helps us stay true to our promise of delivering beautiful skin, naturally and safely.

Packaging for Recycle

Our responsibility to the environment also extends to the cartons that our products are packed and distributed in. To this end, we have taken steps to reduce plastic usage and further help the global green economy. In order to do so, the team at Jyothy Labs has pledged to make soap cartons 100% free of plastic by year 2024, while also making them available for recycling for future usage.